Residential solar in Australia

Solar Chief is one of the highly approached residential solar system providers in NSW. We understand the requirements of our customers and suggest them accordingly that what type of residential solar systems they should buy.

As we know that Australian electricity rates are known as the higher rates in the World and there is no chance they will get reduced. So it would be better decision if you install solar panels on your resident place’ roof. Here, we will suggest you how much wattage your house requires, as our experts visit your place and measure the need and wattage for your home and accordingly we suggest what type of solar system would be better for you.

We have various types of options according to your need, as we have different wattage solar systems like 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, and 10kW. Here, it is totally dependent upon the need and the area you want to cover. Apart from this if you are interested to put solar inverters so store power supply for long time use and want to make your house fully dependent upon DC supply, then inverter type solar systems or hybrid system would suit you better.

It is a one-time investment with long time return with a huge reduction in electricity expenses, as if we measure the usage of an average Australian household. Then it will go upto 15-20kWh a day and the 5kW solar system can easily generate power upto 20kWh in a day time circle. Therefore, we suggest to the majority of customers to go for 5kW residential solar system. It does not only save the cost, as it also covers an average level house. And if we find more requirement for a bigger house, then 7kW or 10kW is recommended.

Here, we give surety of quality service and high class equipment which lasts for a long time and if you need any repair or maintenance, then our highly experienced team perform their job well to maintain your solar system so that you could enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without thinking about electricity bills.

Therefore, do not think about today’s investment, think about the long time return where you will have your own energy production unit on your roof which will not only help you reduce electricity bills, it will also help our nation.

Easy Installation

Wind is a source of energy which is non-polluting and renewable, wind turbines create power without using fossil fuels.

Long Time to Use

Source of energy which is non-polluting and renewable, wind turbines create power without using fossil fuels.

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