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Solar Chief welcome you to the World of renewable energy sources where you can make your home and business lightened without worrying about huge electricity bills.

Here, you will get high quality solar systems for your residential and commercial use along with highly effective support and maintenance. We provide all types of solar panels, solar inverters, solar hybrid systems and off grid solar systems. So to vanish the burden of your electricity bills, call Solar Chief, as we are always there to support you.

Here, you will get guaranteed satisfaction, as we first satisfy our client and then we go for profit. This is the reason we are top among the other solar system providers in NSW.

Let’s Make
the Planet Cleaner

Till now, we have been taking advantages of our natural sources like water, uranium and coal to produce electricity. But now it’s the time to bring changes in it by adopting Sun light as renewable energy source. And Solar Chief is waiting for you so that it could provide you better solar system services in NSW.

Our Services

Solar Chief provides you highest quality solar systems for various types of services, as we are providing following types of services like:


About Our Company

We are a highly approached and top listed solar system company which satisfy you with our premium quality solar panels, inverters, hybrid systems and off grid solar systems.

Solar Chief is your local team of specialist Offering Highest Quality product and service in solar industry. With over 30 years of combine Experience in solar and electrical industry our commitment is to provide excellent product and Best customer service at affordable price.

Solar Chief Services include Sales, installation of Battery storage, off grid, residential and commercial Solar system. Solar Chief is a one-stop shopping for Solar Panels Installation Services.  We can design and install a customized system specifically for you. We can move existing solar pool heating to make room for solar Panels, Addition to an existing system in cases where this would provide the most benefit to our customers.

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Why Choose Us

Solar Chief is the only solar system provider in NSW which is having a great experience in the customization, installation and maintenance of all types of solar systems for residential, commercial and off grid solar systems.

We provide premium quality services for off grid solar systems for high level solar power supply for villages and other projects.

Most of the businessmen of NSW rely on us, as we have covered many small and medium type companies with our high quality commercial solar systems.

With a great number of positive feedback, every household of local and remote area approach us to take residential solar system services for their home and other places.

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Quality Product With Quality Service

Solar Chief gives surety for each product we sell or install along with best maintenance and support. We provide quality and customer provide us positive feedback and always refer us.

Value For Money

You invest in good to make your budget controlled and we value for your money by providing highest quality solar systems along with best maintenance and support. Here, you will definitely get good return on your investment.

Solar & Storage Expert

Solar Chief is the only company having experience of almost three decades and this is the reason we are able to satisfy each of our customer by providing him best quality solar panels and storage systems.

Let’s Get In Touch With Us Today

If you have any question or query, our expert is always there to answer each of your question regarding solar system products and services.