Solar Chief provides STC Trading Service where we offer the best STC prices for both Registered and Unregistered. We use Bridge Select to assist you with the entire STC application process. Solar Chief is working with Bridge select which enables solar power businesses to quickly and easily check if solar panels are genuine before they are installed in order to assist the CER in facilitating quicker STC claims.

For more details email us at or call on 0430690990 to register with us.

STC Price (Registered)


*Same day Payment

STC Price (Unregistered)


*Payments on CER’s Approval
(2-3 days)

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Solar Panel Verification Initiative (SPV)

How will SPV affect your STCs?

SPV is the new trading process that verifies your panels on site during installation. SPV applications will have a much quicker turn around and are typically approved within 24-48 hours by the CER, without SPV it can take up to 2-4 weeks to approve STCs. This means we can ensure your payment is delivered to you much faster.